Do you Create Custom Scents and or Private LAbel? 

Yes, we can create a custom scent for customers with a minimum order of  200 units. Please email info@holbrookcandleco.com for more details about our process. 

Yes, we have a private label program to learn more contact our parent company Info@fromhereinc.com to learn our process.  

Do you offer Donations?

Yes, we do donate to different organizations each quarter, please email us the details of your event/organization to info@holbrookcandleco.com so we may review it. We choose to donate to organizations and events that resonate with us and our company culture. 

Do you offer Discounts for Weddings, Events, and Corporate Gifts?

Yes, we require a minimum of 25 candles. Please email Hello@holbrookcandleco.com