A Chandler 

1. a person who makes or sells candles and sometimes other items of tallow or wax, as soap.

Origin: 1275-1325; Middle English chandeler candlestick, maker or seller of candles < Anglo-French, Old French chandelier, literally, someone or something connected with candles, equivalent to chandelle candle + -ier -ier  2. a dealer or trader in supplies, provisions, etc., of a specialized type. 



Courtney Radloff, a Skin Therapist by trade, had an ambition to share her creativity and develop a product that would be an experience to share with others. In 2012, after marrying the love of her life, Troy, in Ireland, an idea was born to make unique candles that would embody the aesthetic of world travel. 

“I wanted to bottle up that experience of being in Ireland and the memory of being married in such a magical place. Every time I light the Cliffs of Moher Candle, I’m swept back to that stunning place, with the sun on our shoulders, saying our vows”

Believing we all should get to feel that wanderlust pull everyday, to be sidetracked by the experience of travel to new and compelling places, Courtney developed a way to bring these moments home. Always the entrepreneur at heart, she took a leap and expanded her hobby into a business adventure. 

Developed in our studio in San Diego, Holbrook Candles are made using an artisanal approach. Each is carefully crafted and hand poured in small batches using blended oils, clean burning soy wax and cotton wicks to produce highly fragrant products of exceptional quality. They are designed to complement every style of home, and bring to you an ambiance of the world’s beautiful places. 

Consider these captured emotions and experiences as beginnings to your own journey, as the first few steps of an adventure for which you will make your own ending!