Beautiful decor with the essence of a memory 

Although we strive to offer a beautiful look that compliments any space at a fair price. Our main objective is to connect with people and memories. Especially scent memories. So many of our clients have traveled or have the desire to travel to the places our scents are reminiscent of.  The stories shared with us have been of childhood memories, first trips abroad or of a place shared with a loved one who has passed. To me, each of these stories and connections are what make this business evermore special. Our #wickmeaway gives us the opportunity to connect further with those who travel and aspire to travel. The idea is to be inspired by these shared photos to create new scents. We hope when you burn our candle it reminds you of a memory or encourages you to travel and create a new memory.


Behind the Scenes in our Studio 


Hand poured in small batches  in San Diego, Ca. We handle every detail from blending fragrance oils, wicking,  labeling and packaging.

Made with 100% soy wax derived from soy beans grown in the USA.  Soy wax is clean and slow burning, Making them eco-friendly and carbon neutral.